I Was a Member of Centropy, The World’s Leading Movie Piracy Group | TorrentFreak

posted on 26/05/2012 22:43


During the first half of the last decade, people downloading movies from the Internet would very often be looking for the same things as they are now. They wanted movies that were only available officially in theaters but not only that, they wanted them in the absolute finest quality. There was one group that met all of these requirements, a group so influential that the FBI mounted a massive operation to catch them. That group was called Centropy.

In 2005 and along with many others, then 22-year-old Matthew Thompson of Lubbox, Texas, was raided by the FBI as part of Operation Sitedown. This international initiative spanning 10 countries was aimed at bringing leading figures of the so-called Warez Scene to their knees.

Thompson was involved in movie piracy, but not just with any old group. Wicked1, as he was better known online, was a member of Centropy, the world’s leading movie piracy group.

Today, 7 years on, Thompson is sharing with TorrentFreak readers an excerpt from his forthcoming book, This is the Scene.

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